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Try These Activities to Help Manage Depression

If you experience depression, the most important thing you can do is seek support from a health care provider. Many treatment options, including therapy and medication, are available and can improve your symptoms.

However, you may be wondering what else you can do to boost your mood and help keep the blues at bay. Here are four research-backed activities that can make a difference.

Care for a Pet

Having a furry sidekick offers constant companionship and a sense of calm—key factors that can boost your emotional well-being, research shows. There’s also a feeling of pride that comes from successfully caring for an animal day after day.

Spend Time Outside

Being in green spaces, such as forests and parks, can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress, studies show. The great outdoors can encourage physical activity, which also helps manage depression and temporarily takes your mind off things that are worrying you. Whether you walk, bike, hike, or garden, seek out ways to spend a little more time outside.

Tune into Music

Music therapy involves listening to, playing, or composing music that’s specifically chosen by a board certified music therapist to have a certain emotional effect. According to research, many different types of music therapy, including those that involve listening to or playing classical, jazz, or percussion, can lead to significant improvements in symptoms of depression.

Give Yoga a Chance

People with depression who practiced yoga weekly for several months showed a greater decrease in symptoms than those who didn’t step onto a mat, a recent study found. Whether you choose to take classes in a studio or practice at home, yoga can have a Zen-like effect on your mind.

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